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Hotel Adamantino, Luhačovice

Hotel Adamantino, Luhačovice

Pozlovice 337
763 26 Luhačovice

Phone: +420 577 131 082
Mobile: +420 736 631 000
Fax: +420 577 131 081

HOTEL Adamantino is situated in the beatifull setting of the dam of Luhačovice. Hotel Adamantino is suitable for the stay of people of all ages, the families with children, the sport and language courses, the arrangement of celebration banquetr, seminars and symposia.

Hotel offers the accommodation in 78 doublebedded rooms with the balcony, colour TV and toilet.

Services which contribute to your careless relaxation and comfort are a matter of course - amongst these serviceas are following : wake-up service, the delivery of messages and faxes to hosts, washing and other services.

Hotel Adamantino, Luhačovice

GPS: 49°7'29.99"N; 17°46'35.36"E


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