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Hotel Kaskáda, Brno-Jinačovice

Hotel Kaskáda, Brno-Jinačovice

Na Golfu č.p. 1772
664 34 Kuřim

Phone: +420 541 511 711
Fax: +420 541 511 710

Four star hotel Kaskáda**** offers peaceful and comfortable accommodation in beautiful nature in vicinity of the Brno dam. Accommodation is in the form of bungalows with total capacity of 100 beds, with a wonderful view over the golf course which belongs to the hotel. Common name of the recreational-sport area and the hotel – “KASKADA” – represents its insertion in the surrounding nature and is a confirmation of certain exceptionality of the given locality.

Hotel Kaskáda, Brno-Jinačovice

GPS: 49°17'54.67"N; 16°31'53.19"E


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